Here you will find a list of the final theses to be awarded. The thesis can be written in German or in English. Under 'Downloads' you will find information on the structure, format and citation of the thesis.


Structural change of the labour market

Master thesis -
Verlagerung energieintensiver Industrien durch Carbon Leakage and Renewable Pull.
Wertschöpfungs- und Beschäftigungsanalyse am Beispiel der Stahlindustrie
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Theses can be supported each with an amount of 50,00 Euro:

- Purchase of special literature

- Access to specific literature data bases

- Access to specific market- and business-related data bases

- Purchase of specific software (e.g. licenses for statistical programs, which cannot be used in the CIP-Pool or are available at the IT Centre for free)

- Conduction of surveys (e.g. print of ad-flyers and questionnaires) and experiments (e.g. incentives for the participants)

- (Travel) expenses, which incurred due to expert consultation