Research Fields

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Research Fields

  • Macroeconomics
  • Applied econometrics
  • Labor economics

Ongoing Research projects

  • "Financial Markets Imperfections and the Pricing Decisions of Firms: Evidence, Theory and Macroeconomic Implications", joint with Dominik Menno und Nikolay Hristov, supported by DFG-Schwerpunktprogramms 1578 "Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Performance"
  • "Contractionary and Expansionary Technology Improvements", joint with Zeno Enders
  • "Perceived and Actual Labor Market Risk", joint with Georg Dürnecker and Susanne Forstner
  • "Interactive Time Allocation Between Spouses", joint with Monika Merz and Tamas Papp
  • "The Market for Critical Raw Materials: A Long Run Perspective", joint with Oliver Lorz
  • "The effect of environmental quality on welfare accounting", joint with Morten Endrikat
  • "Migration and investment: a business cycle perspective", joint with Chantal Tezkan


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  • Balleer, A., Gehrke, B., Lechthaler, W., Merkl, C. (2016). Does Short-Time Work save Jobs? A Business Cycle Analysis. European Economic Review, 84, pp. 99-122.
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